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My Circle

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Relishing the moments!

...I am sitting under a star studded night, enjoying a cool breeze wafting over my skin, listening to the spray of a water fountain in the small lake, the streetlights glowing a soft light on the cobbled roadway as I take in the steady, but unhurried pace of life this evening at Disney's Saratoga Springs in Florida. {I thought I should add a note to clarify why I titled this "relishing the moments", or perhaps I should have titled it "choosing to relish the moment". As I wrote this, I was sitting in a car waiting on a food order after a long day with crabby kids squabbling over side-long glances, boundary lines and imagined wrongs. My world is REAL people, even in the midst of blessings we can be hellish with the worst of them. grace, my friends... grace and mercy!! I felt like pulling my hair out, but was struck by the beauty surrounding me and decided not to ignore it}

I am a people watcher by nature (when I don't have kids yammering for my attention!) and I enjoy taking in the dynamics of families and cultures from around the world in this melting pot called disneyworld. I love hearing the cacophony of accents and languages... It's so cool! Makes me want to travel!! :)

We are enjoying several days of family bonding and fun times at our beloved Disney before we go back to the hectic grind that is everyday life... What a blessing it is to be able to call this place "home" a few days out of the year! 
Even though Cj never came here - because it was such a strong desire of his and because it was our first family trip after his death (I chose Disney in his honor since he had wanted us to go)...we now associate Disney with daddy. We affectionately term it our "daddy-trip". 
And he feels close when we are here.
I thought maybe the "magic" would fade after going several times, but, no... Each time we drive past the "Welcome to Disney" sign or enter one of the parks... The joy and excitement is new and we have "magical moments" each and every time!
This is such a blessing to us and we are careful not to take it for granted!! We are so thankful!

"...Lord, as we face 2015, the questions and worries want to abound... I know You have promised that Your grace is sufficient and that You will give wisdom to Your children who ask... Lord, I'm asking -- I'm beseeching You for favor... and wisdom... and protection... and provision as we journey through each day given us of this year. Father, please don't let us get side tracked or distracted by the temporary.... Please open our eyes to the eternal and what our purpose is in Your plan. Jesus, guide us... shepherd us... and may we always hear Your voice and follow. I love you, Lord... Thank you for choosing me to be your daughter and to walk this road... Thank you for always being present, hearing my cry and for carrying me through the darkness. May we always follow in Your footsteps..."

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  1. I am so glad you have this time with your family each year. I'm sure it blesses all of you.

    May 2015 be a wonderful year for you all ~ FlowerLady