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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sick days??

Today has been the first day that I have woken up and felt like a partial human with the ability to move ~ this has been a struggle week for me as I've dealt with a viral surge... because I knew I've been exposed at work, I took a flu test, but that came back negative. Thankfully!
However, I felt like I had been knocked on my back and couldn't lift my head... the exhaustion was singular. I had a sore throat, achy body, swollen lymph nodes, low grade fever/chills, sound sensitivity, fog filled brain and the effort to keep my eyelids open felt monumental! Standing and talking left me feeling winded/dizzy, nauseous and unable to process thoughts clearly.
My doctor had prescribed 2 days of bedrest and fluids for these symptoms - "immune system needs time to compensate"......... "umm, yeah, right doc!", was my inward thought as I laughed out loud.

{What mom has the time to do bedrest?!}

As most of you know, I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for my family for a while now and knowing I had these tools, I turned to them once again! I am thankful to say I haven't bought or used a pharmaceutical since 2013 and I knew I would be using my oils for this issue too.
Some of the many functions of EOs are to:
1.weaken viruses
2. ability to cross cell membranes and carry oxygen, nutrients into the cells.

Knowing all of this, I did a Zyto compass scan on Thursday evening and my scan came up for several oils with powerful antiviral properties; Melissa being one of them.
Melissa is one of the most powerful virus fighting oils available! I don't have Melissa oil as it is cost prohibitive for me, but, I had a blend that had Melissa oil in it. However, I only had a few drops left in the bottle.
Friday morning, I started to panic as I was close to incapacitated by this flair up... I was MISERABLE and needed to be able to function!!
I prayed, pulled out my reference books and looked for other oils that had strong antiviral properties and that I had in the house... for my sore/achy throat I gargled/swallowed a tiny bit of this amazing, non-toxic Thieves mouthwash - one of the essentials oils it is infused with is Melissa and within 24hrs of doing this, my sore throat had disappeared! I also rubbed a drop or 2 of Frankincense over my swollen lymph nodes and the swelling disappeared by the second day of doing this.

This little combination to the right was my saving grace Friday & Saturday... NingxiaRed with 2 drops of Peppermint and RedShot blend. I did this several times a day and within minutes of drinking it I would FEEL the fog lift and I could think again/feel somewhat normal... I could almost feel the boost in oxygen!
I would drink this yummy combo right before attending activities and its how I survived school activities for my kids, driving and family/home activities and appeared somewhat normal.
Ravintsara, Myrrh and Palo Santo ~ all of these oils have been shown to be super fighters of viruses and have been used for ages to strengthen and support the immune system. I rotated using a drop or 2 of these oils on the bottom of my feet throughout the day. 

Sunday, to make it through my daily activities & oxygenate my brain cells as I did Costco runs, mom-chauffer trips - I would rub a drop of
Thieves or ImmuPower  
and Cedarwood 
behind my ears/neck and on my wrists.
I've been using YLEOs full time, for well over a year, and have been amazed time after time at the results we have experienced. But, this time, was truly significant as I could literally FEEL a difference within minutes as I applied and used the oils/supplements -- my sister laughed at me as I would go from sludge-pile in a chair to resurrected cheerfulness and talking within minutes! LOL :)

As I've said in my classes, it is not that you won't ever get sick when you are using essential oils for health and wellness -- that happens, it is a part of this life! 
But, you:
1. have tools to address these issues (tools without harmful side effects!) 
2. when used quickly and appropriately, many times your sick days are dramatically shortened 
3. you are often able to address the severity of symptoms so you can still function (I probably should have spent a little extra time in bed, probably would've gotten better even faster - but, as it was, I was able to keep going and take care of my family - even if it was at a much slower pace! My major frustration was that I had to call in to work - argh!!! I detest calling in!) 
4. Are enabled to educate yourself and care for you and your family from the comfort of home.

I was told that it would take a couple weeks to feel back to normal and yet, today, 5 days after I first started noticing symptoms, I am feeling close to 100% and SOO thankful for God's provision and for bringing these incredible tools to my attention ~  if you have not been introduced to YLEOs yet, please check out my business website and attend one of our online or in home classes for more info! 

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  1. Essential oils are great healing oils.

    I am so glad you are feeling better from using them. I just put some drops of Pan-Away on my hand as it is hurting me. It definitely eases the pain. We've used this or a similar blend since 2000 when someone told us about it after we'd been in a car wreck.

    God's healing in the molecules.

    Be well, and God's continued blessings on your family ~ FlowerLady