My Circle

My Circle

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

6 years....

6 years today... 😓With the passage of time, the reality of your absence has only sharpened and I ache for missing you... every. single. day. 💔 
I miss your face, the sound of your voice, your laughter and joy in life, the late night conversations, the feel of your hand in mine, your presence in our family, your interaction with our kids, your strength and hardworking commitment to our family and our future.
Even though I still feel as if I'm missing half of me, I make sure we choose every day, by God's grace, to move forward and thrive as we walk/crawl/are carried on this journey without you. As we choose joy and life and no matter how my heart grows as I embrace the future, you will always have my heart and love.
I. Miss. You.
Kpakpando Nkem (For my non-Igbo friends, this means " my shining star". Cj had this inscribed inside n my wedding ring before we married)#journeyofgrace #choosingjoy #choosingtothrive#widow #widowlife #widowmom #thechijiokelife

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