My Circle

My Circle

Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting back to it...

Life is gradually getting back into the swing of things again -- I'm back to work, kids are full swing into school, my numerous house projects are coming to fruition...
I'm glad that things are settling and yet part of me doesn't like this "new life", getting into a new routine means I am accepting that Cj is gone and I'm not sure I want to move on with that!
A huge part of me still waits for him to walk through the door... to approve of all we have done on the house, to play Xbox or basketball with the boys, make breakfast for Cadence every morning like before and to settle William down when he's cranky...
The holidays are looming... I'm not sure of even what to expect emotionally and that is a bit scary. My counselor suggested we work on making new family memories and do new things this holiday season - - we've got a couple things planned and I'm anticipating good things.
Praying that everything works out and that we will all be able to experience some healing as we make some new memories.

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