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My Circle

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Daddy's little dancer

This has been an emotional weekend for me - rather took me by surprise, but, that is how it usually does...
This weekend was Cadence's dance recital weekend, 3 days packed full of hair-dos, make-up, adorable costumes and fun/hectic moments!
Cadence was in 3 shows, and as I was getting her ready for the first one, I was struck suddenly by an intense sadness and longing for Cj. The last "big family event" before we went on that vacation last year was Cadie's first dance recital.
I remember the flurry of getting ready last time - Cadence was "daddy's little girl" and Cj was a big marshmallow where his baby girl was concerned!!
He who always complained about "wasting money on cut flowers that are going to die anyway", didn't blink at buying his little dancer a bouquet!! (:
He was SO proud of her!! He and the boys cheered for her after she danced and afterwards he made sure we took lots of pictures. Those were our last family pictures...
So the rush of recital this weekend brought back all of those memories and Friday night, I found myself sitting in the audience amongst friends, choking back tears and holding myself together by sheer willpower...
Today was the last day of recital, Cadie was beautiful and had so much fun dancing, she was thrilled her family was there watching her!
As we walked out to the car afterwards, Cadence skipped alongside me and told me with a smile that "...daddy was watching from heaven and he clapped for ALL the songs..."

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  1. I know it must still be hard, but I'm sure it helps to have such wonderful memories of CJ! And so sweet that Cadence can think of her dad and be glad.