My Circle

My Circle

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

last day!

I find that when I get the chance for quietness and time; I start writing – for good or not so good (:
It has pretty much always been this way for me. It is my way to express, to pour out what has been building up inside of me.
I think that is why I enjoy these trips alone; in truth it is difficult being on your own when traveling, at least for me. I am not a gregarious person by nature and I have to “force” myself to interact and reach out to strangers. This is partially why I chose the venue that I did – alone when I want it, but scheduled interaction to prod me out of solitary melancholy. And I've met some intriguing people and enjoyed conversations and activity with new friends. But, I’ve had time to finish up old thoughts and work on new ones, which I struggle to communicate clearly here.

Today I am peaceful and thankful for the surroundings, which reflect back that harmony to me. Blue, blue water rippling for miles away, the dark shadowy outline of rough coastline to my right, bright sunlight glittering off a sailboat far away… Sunshine and balmy breezes chasing puffs of white cloud across an endless sky - - frosty bottles of plastic water, wet with condensation, rows and rows of deck chairs… I think I have “sun fried” enough this morning!
I hear a baby crying tiredly, as its parents stroll by with the buggy and I miss my children. I think of them and smile as I think that tomorrow I should get back to them and hug them tight. Thank You, God, for relaxing times as these, but Thank You more for the busy, boisterous crowd awaiting back home!

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