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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to school 2013

First day of school 2013/2014!

My littlest guy, trekking off with his backpack.

Oh! It is "back to school" time...the temperature is still "far-too-hot" degrees, the sun still shines when the clock says "bedtime"... Pool toys litter the deck, the bubblers splashing water into a sparkling, empty pool. The easy, meandering time of summer is still beckoning...but it is "back-to-school" time! 
It's an exciting time of year, full of new beginnings, idealism, hope for the "what-ifs" and I love this time of year... Routine & structure are coming back and I feed off of structure!! Stability & peace are the words that come to mind... :)
It also means the glimmer of hope has begun for cooler weather, autumn, thanksgiving festivities and Christmas wonder -- with 5 kid birthdays intermingled!!! Lol :)
My big kids have already started back to school and my little one starts this week. Oh! I'm not sure I'm ready to let him go!! He has recently decided school is a "no go" idea and declares in his raspy, little, lisp while hanging onto my neck, "...I wanna stay wit' you, mama..." 

::heart throbs::

But, that is not a luxury I get to have in my journey and the time has come... 
I trust and rest in knowing it WILL be good, full of promise and bright hopes for the future... The Lord knows our way and has promised to set us securely. 
My prayer for this year is that we THRIVE as a family and as individuals. My prayer for you, is that you do as well! As the hectic schedules and busyness of the school year try to crowd and overwhelm - let us not forget what our true aim & calling is in this journey. Keep our focus on the eternal choices and be diligent to complete the small, daily items that lead to growth and success - like homework!! Lol :)
Wow - I just read back over this and I'm a bit nervous and overwhelmed as I contemplate this call to vision & to thrive. "How am I going to live up to the challenge this year?"
I feel so often that I start off with high hopes and lofty ideals. Only to recall, with a sense of defeat, halfway through the chaos of the year as I'm staring at yet another project, forgotten bill, neglected menus and cookbooks in favor of drive thru convenience, dust bunnies birthing high-order multiples, piled dishes, school shoes with holes, shaking out worn uniforms as you try to piece together "chapel-outfits-cause-we-forgot-that-was-today", groaning as you realize you forgot 3 items of importance on your shopping trip and will have to head out yet again... The list could go on... 

**heaving sigh**

Dearest, heavenly, loving Father, hear my cry - hear this tired mama's plea! 
Lord, my heart's desire is to serve You, to be the best that You have designed me to know what You have for me/us to do and to work hard fulfilling our purpose... Sometimes it is so hard to keep that vision, that goal as the means to press on... I get bogged down in the stuff and muck of life, raising these beautiful beings, Your precious children, all the while praying that I'm not ruining them or doing it all wrong! 
Lord, I'm not eloquent or adequate in communicating my heart to them so they will hear that it isn't about rules and regulations - but about LOVING YOU and forging a RELATIONSHIP with You...all the rest fades. Teach me how to SHOW them how important You are to me, not just tell them.
Holy Spirit, please soften the hearts of me & my children and open our ears - please love and call each of us in only the way that You know how - give us a hunger and thirst for righteousness and more of You. 
Jesus, please guide us, lead me, as You promised - granting wisdom, shedding light with every turn, providing faithfully for every need. Help me to remember and walk in the truth of Your words. "...I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind..."
Thank You Father that you know the road ahead and what this year holds. 
Abba, I'm holding onto Your hand and walking in faith. We give this year to You and pray for amazing results at the outcome. We are Yours, Your children, vessels of honor... Do with us as You will and may we always walk in Your will and way!!

:::huge sigh of relief, weight is off of my shoulders and back where it belongs:::

Happy Back to School Day!


  1. May you and your sweet family have a wonderful school year, filled with God's love, peace and blessings.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. You've said it all. Blessings to you and the kids as you gain that structure and get into the rhythm of the school year. We start in two weeks, I'm praying the same for us.

    Sue B.