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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life of a parent!!

We have been traveling quite a bit this summer, doing a lot of long distance driving trips. I've really enjoyed these trips and the time spent as a family - even with the close confines! We've racked up a load of audible book hours and have streamlined the gas station bathroom process!! :D
All of this has led to an increase in eating out and we are slowly making progress with that situation! LOL!!
While finishing up a Chick-fil-a breakfast during our most recent trip, I was fighting the urge to gripe at the kids about the messy tabletop. I looked around our table at the oblivious youngsters, laughing and interacting together and was struck with the thought, " grateful for these messes! What if you didn't have the blessing of these kiddos, you wouldn't have a mess, but you wouldn't have them either..."
I sat back, decided to be thankful instead and laughed to myself as I wrote up the following list of things I will one day miss about these busy, hectic days!! 

One day I will be able to eat a meal without:
1.  Refereeing squabbles, correcting behavior/attitudes, seating charts, directing interactions with strangers (i.e. smile and reply "hello" or "thank-you" when someone greets/compliments you!!) 
2. Ordering enough food that the cashier rolls her eyes (indiscreetly) at her coworker and her eyes bug out when you say, "no, that is NOT all..."
3. Be able to eat my meal WITH everybody else at the table (while its HOT... or at least not stone cold!) instead of grabbing bites between opening packets, doling out portions, fixing mistakes in orders, cutting up bites, chasing down escapees (i.e. 2yr olds not interested in sitting still), giving out seconds before even taking my first bite because of the aforementioned...
4. Be able to eat using BOTH hands and all utensils/napkins instead of one handed (usually my non-dominant hand!!) shoveling while my 2 yr old uses my other arm/hand as his monkey bars/toy set 
5. PRAYING the kids took my threat of severe and long lasting punishment (i.e. no electronics until you can DRIVE) seriously and continue their "best behavior" til I can pay the check/tip our overworked server!!
6. Stopping in the middle of my second bite to take a kid to the bathroom cause "'s an emergency and I CAN'T hold it one second longer!!!!"
7. Have a conversation with the older kids/adults at the table during a meal... chat with my server, show that I truly am a friendly person when not playing "whack-a-mole" with 5 kids going 10 different directions!! 
...One day this will all be mine - but how BORING will that be??!! LOL
Love my kids :D

Children are a blessing and gift from The Lord!! Psalm 127:3

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  1. Amen and amen!!!! I'm with you. The Lord has also shown me recently that my children will not be "finished works" when they leave my home, and I can just enjoy them and not always be "working" on them. He will still have pruning and shaping to do on these trees of righteousness, so I can stop expecting we have to arrive at some specific state of being at a certain time. You, I believe, are much wiser than I and have probably already figured this out, but it was a revelation for me! Lord bless you for sharing how the Lord is growing you and the kids up in Him.

    Prayers for you,