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My Circle

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Living intentionally

Today, I took the kids to see the liberty bell on the campus of Liberty University - housed in a little white gazebo, down the road from the infamous "rock", tucked between parking lots, across from the massive new buildings sprawling across Liberty's beautiful campus. 
It was such a gorgeous summer afternoon as we stood there, a gentle breeze blowing, surrounded by the beauty of the green hills encircling us... 
We came back to the campus today on our return trip to Texas armed with a map and directions to find the brick, at the new library, purchased in honor of Cj and our time at LU. 
We found our brick, took pictures and toured the campus amidst slightly forced smiles and occasional sad hearts as we were forced again to recognize the void in our lives without Cj, even as we built new memories and dreamed of the future. 
Oh, the memories that came alive as I walked the campus with the kids! I loved getting to share this place with them, but, I struggled to keep the smile in place as my heart ached for my husband...

As we stood in front of the bell, I noticed the quote on the plaque and was struck by the message:

"Nothing is too hard for God. We are standing in the midst of a miracle. God started the work on Liberty Mountain and will continue to accomplish His purpose as we let Him. We have determined, by God's grace, to be a great beacon on a hill that cannot be hid. Until the trumpet sounds, we will ever be a part of the continuing miracle..." Dr Jerry Falwell 

As I mentioned in my last post, I am in the midst of figuring out some major life choices. It is so scary and yet, exciting at the same time. It seems that everywhere I turn, the same message is jumping out at me! 
Nothing is too hard for God in my life, even though I am a widow, have 5 delightful, young children to raise and struggle with fear and worry on a daily basis... He CAN still use regular, messed up, me - God can do much with a willing heart and offered life!! He loves redeeming the lost and broken. 

Living an "intentional life" is what keeps coming back as I pray and seek God's leading in the choices I am making. 

I want to be an example to my kiddos of what truly living your passion and calling looks like.... We were made for more than just living a "safe, comfortable life"... Not that I don't enjoy my life as it is...but, I am unable to rest knowing I am not being intentional with the days given to me! 

Standing in that little gazebo today, as a family we committed to choosing to thrive and live our lives to the fullest of our abilities. Making intentional, although sometimes nerve-wracking leaps of faith as we follow the vision God is giving us. We pledged to stick together as a family unit as we traverse the road ahead. What a neat, teaching moment for us!
So, much prayer abounding and needed over the next days/weeks/months as decisions and choices are being made!


  1. How is that baby that I held in the Nursing wing such a man now?! My goodness look at your little tribe! Oh sweet friend, I so loved your words. You have such beauty and depth to your soul. I am praying for you all the time, and even more now that you have big decisions to make. I am so happy that you got to show your family a place where you have such wonderful memories with CJ. You are an amazing woman!

    1. Stephanie - can you believe it?? I was laughing telling the kids how Christian used to be carried down these hallways in a baby carrier and they couldn't believe it! lol ;)
      Thank you for your prayers - God is faithful and I know He will show us the way as we keep moving!