My Circle

My Circle

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A note from Hannah

My dear friends,

I have been held in a sort of cocoon over the past weeks. The love, prayers and care of our friends and family have surrounded and upheld us each day.
Last Wednesday, as I was praying, a story of Moses came to mind, from Exodus 17. The Israelites were fighting and when Moses held the rod of God up, they would win, but as his arms got tired and drooped, they would start to lose. So, his brother Aaron and Hur sat him down and held up his arms for the rest of the battle and they won.

This is how I feel - like I am going through the biggest battle of my life and as I am weary, you all are holding me up through your prayers and support. Ten minutes after the Lord showed me this story, I got an email from my good friend, Paige, and she said the same story had come to her while she was praying for me.
God's timing is amazing! (:

As I begin to get a grasp on this "new normal", I find that I am going through cycles of being okay and not being okay... Kind of like the weather in Texas during the "fall" and spring... wait 5 minutes and it will change!! (:
I struggle with how to describe it - I am not hopeless or distraught... I have a solid and complete trust and faith in what God is doing and where He is leading...
I just have a deep sorrow as I adjust to this new life...understanding that many of the hopes/dreams for the future that Cj and I had - they are not to be realized together...
But, God is so very good and faithful - when my heart is aching and I feel like I should be crawling into the darkest corner of my closet, He sweetly speaks to me, soothing my pain and giving me hope and joy in Him.

The wail of my broken heart during the first week after Cj died was, "My God... My God... I KNOW you have not forsaken me...please show Yourself" .
God is doing just that, every day, through kindness shown me and my children, needs provided for, love and care shown, prayers and scriptures shared, the many, many cards that have poured into our home...
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, I cherish them all!

Psalm 100:5
"For the Lord is good.
His unfailing love continues forever,
and his faithfulness continues to each generation"

Prayer Needs at this time:

1. God's continued guidance - I know He will guide, I just pray that I will
hear clearly and know how to follow! (: Proverbs 3:5-6

2. For the kids: that they will know God's presence during their sorrow
and that they will heal, that I will know how to help them in this.

3. Wisdom in the many, many decisions and choices that I am having to make.

Thank-you again for your prayers!

Resting in His hands,

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