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My Circle

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A magical trip!! (:

So we went on a trip last week - I decided to give the kids a "magical trip" and took them and several family members to Disney World. We had never been before and a couple things led to me making this decision to take them out of school and head down there this year.
We were desperately needing to make some good memories, our last family vacation ended in such tragedy and we all are still wrestling with feelings of anguish over that. Something that my side of the family had been planning for almost 2yrs and we had anticipated with such joy turned into such sorrow. The kids were needing this distraction as we waded through birthdays and the holidays, we were all feeling the angst of missing our central person and it was kind of "piling up" on us.
Also, Cj had mentioned many times wanting to go to Disney and I had always put it off, "too commercialized", but, I decided to give it a try since it was something he had wanted to do with the kids.
I wasn't sure what to expect... I hoped and prayed that we could at least have a smooth trip and some fun along the way. Friends who had done the disney thing told me we would love it, but, I was still somewhat skeptical.
Well, from the beginning to the very end -- we had a truly blessed and amazing experience!! From little things like the forecasted rain holding off til we made it back to our hotel, clouds covering up blazing sunshine, and refreshingly cool breezes to getting into lines right before the "buses let off" and filled up the wait times...Wow!! We just had such an amazing trip and were able to make some awesome memories!! The kids are already talking about "next time"!! Lol
Along with the fun were a lot of quiet and sad moments, especially for me and Christian -- one night, I realized he was missing from the group and I went to check on him. I found him lying on his bed in the hotel room, when I asked what he was thinking he said sadly, "it just seems so unfair... kind of selfish, to be doing all these fun things and Dad isn't here to do them with us..."
That is what I felt as I walked down a street at Hollywood Studios, it was lit up with thousands of twinkling, multi-colored Christmas lights dancing in sync to beautiful Christmas music as "snow" drifted down on our upturned faces... It was one of the most beautiful moments of my entire life and I desperately wished Cj was there with me to enjoy it and to see the joy and awe on our children's faces as they danced along to the music...
"Lord God, how I miss my husband..."

We got back home late Monday night, (very late!!) we were all exhausted and we had several sick kids, but, the happiness still pervaded our group as the kids continually talked about all the fun things they got to do and see!!
I am thanking God for His blessings on this journey and so happy for the beautiful memories we have to remember...

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